Weekends are for R&R.

I have a question for parents out there: what does your kids do on weekends? Do you agree that weekends should be for rest and relaxation only?

I heard that the Department of Education (DepEd) is asking schools to implement a “no homework on weekends” policy. That way, students can enjoy their weekends with their love ones. It is also a way for students to recharge for another round of school work.

Personally, I agree with the DepEd on this policy. I like it! Students should be able to sleep a little bit longer on weekends. They should be able to play and bond with their love ones. They should be able to think of other things than just their school work.

What do you think?

Some more on the internet…

How do you regulate the use of the internet at home?
Do you let your kids use the net without supervision? How long do you let them sit in front of the computer surfing the net?
Do you set up a firewall to prevent them from going to prohibited sites?

I want to know more how you regulate internet use for your students at home, and how you discipline your kids through its use.