Getting lost somewhere unknown.

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How great would it be if we can just wander somewhere, get lost, and immerse in the most awesome feelings each memory can create in us.

The photo above is a place in Kyoto, Japan. A city I have always wanted to explore on foot. A city I have always wanted to get lost in, beautifully.

How I wish this pandemic is just a figment of our collective imaginations so we can all go back to exploring the world and coming back to our territories filled with wonder and awe of all those places we’ve been.

Challenge the Mind

Have you noticed how kids these days spend their time and energy? Playing mindless games, that’s how. Any game that is high on everyone’s list especially on social media is a game of their choice. But does it challenge their minds? Based on my observation of the kids around me, sons and nephews of friends, games are for enjoyment and, mostly, nothing more than that.

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I recognize the need for enjoyment of most people nowadays. What with the stress brought about by this virus, we truly need a respite now and then. My worry, though, is when the kids keep on doing activities that don’t even stimulate their minds, they might find themselves with dull brains.

Enter Gancube, the global leader in the speedcube industry. A gan cube visit told me that the enterprise was founded by Mr. Gan-Yuan Jiang in 2014. He was the speedcubing pioneer in China so you can say that he really knew what he was doing when he founded the company. Gancube has its arms in research and development, design, manufacture, marketing and promotion, and wholesale of speedcubes worldwide. Categories you can choose from are Intelligence, Magnetism, Lite Cubes, Infinity Customize, GAN Aliens, Cubing Sets, Accessories, and Limited Editions. These products are being sold worldwide and are considered the “Apple Inc.” in the speedcubing industry.

If you want your kid to enjoy and sharpen his mind while enjoying his game, get him a speedcube. A gan cube solver or felix zemdegs, that is. Solve it while having fun! Challenging the mind has never been more enjoyable than this. And, who knows, your kid can even advance to a level wherein he would be joining competitions involving speedcubes! Train them using a Gancube product.

I am all for having fun. I am all for de-stressing especially during this period of our lives. But there is nothing wrong in incorporating a mind challenge to our choice of activity. Am I right?

Grab that speedcube from Gancube now!

Have you heard of a liquidizer?

Those liquidizers out there don’t contain nicotine, THC, VG (petrochemical nicotine), or vegetable oil. Well, some, that is. It is simply a proprietary combination of active ingredients consisting of dilute with vegetable oil, lab-grade propylene glycol orPG. I don’t know about you, but that seems kind of dishonest to me. They claim their product is doctor recommended but doesn’t that mean it’s okay to put something like vegetable oil into a liquidizer bottle?

Not only that, but putting vegetable oil into a bottle is very deceptive because most e-liquid manufacturers do not include vegetable oil in their concentrates. Most people don’t realize this and a lot of the liquidizer brands sold today, don’t provide much benefit to the paper other than a cheaper price. The way I see it, there are two reasons why it is better to mix your own concentrated concentrate.

Two Reasons Why it is Better to Mix your Own Concentrated Concentrate:

Reason Number 1 – There’s less heat. Vape juices are more delicate than regular or liquids because they are still in a heated environment. The high heat causes the wax to melt and clump together creating a bubble reaction which creates a suction. This can be very damaging to your electrical equipment and may shorten the life of your batteries. By mixing your own concentrated concentrate, you avoid all of this by simply mixing your own hot water in a microwave-safe container.

Reason Number 2 – Mixing your own concentrate allows you to use wax liquidizer in the same manner as you would any other concentrated fuel product. Since you can alter the proportions of the ingredients, you can vary the strength and texture. If you want a smoother, more mellow flavor, simply mix the concentrate with hot water and then use a turbine grinder to grind the mixture into a powder. If you prefer a harder concentrate you can also do the same thing but use a mortar and pestle to break the mixture into a powder. Then you can add the grains to your food.

Wax vaporizers also work great with our favorite dessert flavor – Mallow. By simply vaporizing some sweetened wafer biscuits in a microwave, you get a delicious treat that is guaranteed to leave your guests wondering where you got your mallow from! You may however have a hard time finding a recipe that calls for both sweet and savory items. To
make your own sweet and savory concentrates you simply need to make a paste out of softened cream cheese and brown sugar. When you turn these ingredients into a paste in your microwave, you will end up with a delicious and yet safe treat that everyone will love.

Some people like to make their own concentrate instead of using store bought concentrate. This is especially good if you don’t have a microwave available or don’t want to use the power of this device. Simply mix together equal parts of fruit juice and water, microwave the concentrate until it becomes a liquid and then strain out the pulp. Once you’ve strained your concentrate you can easily apply it to cakes or cupcakes as a dip.

Since many different flavors are made with concentrates, it’s easy to find ones that you enjoy. One very popular option is raspberry-flavored concentrates. This tasty indulgence comes in many different flavors from traditional to fruity and everything in between. The wonderful thing about it is that you don’t even have to drink the beverage itself; you can save it to be used for something else, like topping cupcakes or adding it to hot chocolate or tea.

If you enjoy experimenting with new flavors you will love experimenting with different types of juices, fruits, and other things by mixing your own concentrates. There are so many different flavors to try and you’ll never get tired of experimenting. You can even make wax a liquid to give you more options when mixing your own liquids.