A workout for the mind.

I think all of us don’t want to find our minds idle. You know what they say, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. And I think this period in our lives is the worse time for our minds to be idle and stagnant. What can we do to stop this from happening? Let’s work out our minds! And you know what’s a great tool we can use? A gan rubik’s cube solver!

I remember seeing an Instagram post of a cousin who got himself a Rubik’s cube. He told me that he just wants to be able to work out his mind the way he works out his body in the gym. I got curious so I checked online and came across gan cube. I checked and I learned that it is an emerging enterprise founded by Gan-Yuan Jiang who is the speedcubing pioneer in China. The goal of the company is to provide better services to cubers all over the world. What better way to learn how to beat your own record than from a pioneer in speed cubing. Right?

I admit that I am a newbie when it comes to Rubik’s cube. I am more of a reader, as a matter of fact. But I want to be able to learn and, believe me, when I focus on something, I learn faster than the average person! I love the idea of competing against my nephew who is such a pro in all sorts of mind games. He is already good in Rubik’s cube. I would love to see him speed cubing. Maybe a GAN11M Air for him and myself?

Hey, if you are interested in working out your mind as well, all you need can be found in Gancube.com! You can find all sorts of cubes there depending on your need and level of expertise.

Don’t let your mind become idle. Work it out with a Gancube solver now!

Arts and craft online shop

Ever since the pandemic hit, creating a second source of income has been a constant in my mind. I know that I can offer my services as an accountant but since I have been doing that more than eight hours a day, and at least five days a week, I thought I’d think of something else. Maybe, a hobby that I can turn into a side hustle? Or something new that I have been wanting to get my hands on.

I have decided to create an arts and craft online shop!


I have set up my online shop now. I am currently posting items I am offering for sale as well as my services. Then, I will order a box of kraft business cards to go hand-in-hand with my artsy, crafty shop.

Aura Print is an online shop where you can order personalized/customized business cards. What I love about the kraft business card choice is that it is made from 100% recycled paper. It is warm, rustic, eco-friendly which is a perfect match for majority of the items I am offering in my shop. There is a choice of a one-sided or double-sided printing, as well as rounded corners. Your choice of uploading your very own design or asking them to personalize/customize it for you.

Aura Print has been in operations since 2007 so you can that their experience of more than a decade of business card printing is something that a customer can tap on. You can choose from their full range of business card designs, and you are assured of next-day delivery as soon as proof is approved.

Best Hiking Spots Near Banff

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Banff National Park, straddling the line between the USA and Canada, has a lot more to offer than beautiful white snow-capped mountains and slopes for skiing. When the snow has mostly melted away in the summer, this park becomes the best place possible to hike and enjoy nature. Here are the top spots in and around Banff to take in beautiful views and enjoy the outdoors.

Cory Pass – Mt. Edith Circuit
If you’re not scared of heights and don’t mind being a little daring, the Cory Pass is worth the trouble. Not only is the ridge that you cross beautiful as it stretches on beneath you, but the surrounding mountains feel even larger and more of a challenge at this distance. This is for more experienced hikers, don’t attempt this for the first time without a guide.

Cascade Amphitheatre
This nearly eight-mile trek is one that not only newbies should try, but every hiker should eventually get under their belt. Serene nature views surround you as you get to unwind and hike. There’s less of a struggle with this hike, but it will wear you down all the same.

Bourgeau Lake & Harvey Pass
Another full-day hike, this one is seen as tricky by many hikers. The most incredible part of this hike is how crystal clear and reflective the lake is the entire time you pass around it. Reflecting on the sky and the mountains around you, it feels cinematic as you approach it and then again as you leave.

Lake Agnes Teahouse/Big Beehive
Less than five miles long but a steep incline, the Lake Agnes Teahouse/Big Beehive trail can wear you out before you realize it. After hiking eight-mile troubles like the Cascade Amphitheatre, you may think you can handle anything, but this trek is challenging on both your thighs and your lower back. Take it slow, correct your posture, and enjoy the gorgeous trees as you traverse between them.

Plain of Six Glaciers
The longest on this list, this nearly ten-mile-long trek is also the most beautiful. More stunningly reflective and bright water reflects the mountains, but it also reflects the gigantic glaciers that are the starting points for freshwater springs and rivers. You’ll want to take endless pictures of this area, but make sure you also take time to set the electronics down and drink in the view.

Saddleback Pass/Mt. Fairview
A comfortable six-mile trek, this walk will make you want to abandon wherever you’re vacationing from and start looking for Banff homes for sale. Another ridge climb, like Cory Pass, this trek allows you to be on a level with the mountains to some degree. It can bring you back down to earth and make you consider why you are where you are in life. What’s a good hike without some self-questioning?

Hiking is one of the best sports out there; you get to enjoy nature while also getting solid exercise. There’s nothing better than that.