Internet: Making Kids Lazy and Idle?

kid net surfingIn this modern age, the use of computers and internet is no longer new to our vocabularies. Almost each one of us knows how to operate and regulate the basic commands of this specific device. Most of us are very adept in utilizing our computers for the sole purpose of surfing the virtual world through various online sites. We are connected to each part of the globe through the World Wide Web.

Due to the many scientific and technological breakthroughs experienced by our world today, most of the people are now relying in computers to accomplish any school task. Even the small kids and children are now engaging into this form of recreation. Because of this, they spend less time going through libraries to look for some necessary information needed for their class. They have left the conventional method of research which is to utilize the materials found in book shelves and library corners. They would no longer be exerting all of their efforts to search for the best and excellent materials that can accurately suffice their need for information. This does not mean that the things posted in the internet are not factual or true. However, there are many authors and people sharing information in the virtual space and some of these may contain errors or mistakes. This may possibly confuse the child because of the discrepancies he/she may learn.

According to studies, the use of computers in researching or studying can make a child lazy. An instructor from the University of West England said that it teaches the child to rely more on these devices rather than reading their text books and notes. It fosters a sense of laziness and indolence among them because they can easily look for the answers in many search engines and online sites. Thus, parents must always supervise their children in studying and using the computers.

What do you think about this? Do you agree that the internet is making kids lazy? And idle? Let me know your thoughts on this.

An Overprotective Parent

overprotective parents

Did you know that overprotectiveness can actually cause more harm in a young student? Consider Separation Anxiety Disorder. A child’s anxiety can be fed by a parent’s very own anxiety. Did you know that?

Try not to be too protective of your kids. They should learn how to deal with reality on their own. I am not saying you leave them and let them deal with life’s obstacles. You should be by their side when they traverse this world and live their lives. You should be their guide until they can do it on their own.

Choosing a college course.

For a couple of years now, one of my dad’s brothers and his family celebrate Christmas Day with us. They would have lunch with us. It’s a tradition by now.

One of the topics we talked about during Christmas Day lunch is choosing a college course. A female cousin is graduating this coming April from high school and will be starting college by June. (Side note: Philippines has a different school calendar from the American and British school systems.) I asked her what course she will be taking up and she told me that she chose Business Administration because that’s what her mother, my aunt, wanted her to. I shook my head in disbelief. I read in her old Facebook status that she was considering a course which is in line with hotel or spa services. And I told her to pursue it because she has that innate gift in comforting the people around her. I told her not to take up business-related courses because she will only end up in a sales or telemarketing job that she doesn’t want.

I asked my aunt why she told my cousin to take up Business Administration and she told me that it will be easier for my cousin to find a job after college.

I hope parents out there will not pressure their kids to take up a course they like. They should ask their kids what they want to pursue in life and guide them to find the best college course which will be their stepping stone in reaching that level they want to be in the future.