Choosing a career path? Think ahead!

I’ve been reading an article written about six high-growth careers that will still be in demand in the future. I thought I’d share it here just as a guide to those individuals who are still in a limbo on what career path to take. My unsolicited advice is to think ahead! Think of the future and I am not saying two, three years from now. Think way ahead so that you know when push comes to shove, you still have security of tenure when everyone else gets the cut.

Information Security Analyst

  • In other words, cyberspace patrol. Every business out there has a home on the world wide web. And every home, virtual or not, needs protection, right? That’s where you come in!

Personal Financial Advisor

  • Managing other people’s finances is what you will do. To invest or not to invest? What to do with a sudden windfall to make it last a lifetime? How to stretch a bonus? That’s where a person needs an advice.

Market Research Analyst

  • What’s the trend in the market? What do you think the current demand is? You research and analyze it, is what your career will be.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

  • Want a career in the medical field without the years of medical schooling? Well, this is the career for you! An ultrasound equipment will be used in helping diagnose internal problems of a patient.

Meeting, Convention and Event Planner

  • Multitasking at its finest! If you are great in putting together something and still able to take care of all the little details, then this is the career for you.

Dental Hygienist

  • A career in the dental industry without the years spent in dental school is what this career is.

I remember choosing my career based on its longevity in the market. I know that elders preach about choosing a job that you love so you won’t have to labor over something you are not passionate about. That’s true. But we also have to take into consideration a career path that we know will be there for a long while so that we won’t find ourselves without a job when the economy takes a nosedive.


Choosing Your College Course

A Career Day is being held in high school, particularly in senior year, to help graduating students to choose their college course. It is not a decision to be done lightly. An individual should think about the course he/she will take up in college because it will be the basis for the profession he/she will have after school.

Before Career Day, I already knew what I would take up in college. Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. I was told by my Mom to take it up because she failed to do so. It was her dream to have an Accountant for a child and since I was young and “brainwashed”, I followed my Mom’s directive to take it up. Let me point out that I wanted Accountancy, too, since I fancied being licensed. I went to the prestigious University of Santo Tomas, the oldest and one of the most revered universities here in the Philippines. It took me 4 years in college to finish my course. After graduation, I went to review for the board exams. I took the board and became a Certified Public Accountant 6 months after I graduated in college.

I went to work in an Auditing/Accounting firm 3 months after I passed the board. I worked as an Accountant for 10 years before I quit the corporate world. I learned how to become a work at home consultant and never looked back!

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
– Confucius

My advice to those individuals in the process of choosing their college courses, think a million times before making your final decision! You need to make sure you are excited about the course you are taking up. You need to find it in your heart that you will be happy with your choice. You need to be passionate about your course so that you won’t be working a day in your life.

Don’t choose a course just because it’s the “in” course of the season. Trust me, you will find something to complain about when you are already working. I’ve seen it happen to some people I’ve worked with.