To the Graduates…

Always keep this in mind especially when you are already experiencing hardships at work…

Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.

There is no shortcut to the top! Well, unless you or your family owns the company. For an ordinary employee, you have to work hard to be able to reach the top and earn your spot. Hard work will mean a sweeter taste of victory when you finally reach the pinnacle of your career.

Breathe success!


Once upon a time, when I was still a greenhorn, I equated success to how high one’s compensation package is and how lofty the title he/she holds in a corporation. Success meant having a license one can boast of and being well-respected in the industry one is a part of. I once dreamt of being that successful, you know. Until a loved one passed away.

I realized then that success is a matter of perspective. I can stay at home and still breathe success every single day. I need not be the CEO or President of a company just to be able to say I am successful in my career. I need not earn a hundred grand or more just to feel like I’ve been a success. I can still earn an average income and still be a success because I am living a happy life. There is a sense of achievement in being able to provide for the family. There is a sense of achievement also in working hard every single day no matter what position you are holding just as long as you are able to deliver what is expected of you.

Breathe success no matter where you are! A stay-at-home mom is still a huge success seeing as to how she takes care of everyone at home, home cleaning and all, and still have time for herself and others. It doesn’t matter if you are a lowly rank and file employee, or an online worker like me. Breathe success and you will be no matter where you are!

What I Wanted to Be


When I was still in school, especially before college, I always wanted to be what my Mom wanted me to be. She wanted a doctor for a daughter, I also wanted that. She wanted me to become an accountant, I planted it in my mind that I also wanted to be one. It was for my Mom that I took up the course I chose in college: Accountancy.

I actually wanted to become a journalist. I loved writing, even up to now. But back in school, I loved news writing more than fiction. I really wanted to do news reporting but since my Mom didn’t want me to become one, I erased it from my mind. I loved my Mom so much I would do anything to make her happy!

Now that my Mom was gone, looking back, I realized that I actually wanted a very simple life. I love reading and being surrounded by books. I think I would have been a great librarian! Or a book shop attendant! I didn’t want the trappings that come with being an accountant. The responsibilities, the endless reports, the over time at work and even at home… Truth is that I didn’t even aspire to become an executive in a company! All I really wanted to do was to read, write, and live a simple life.