Burning the midnight oil.

I am so proud of my cousin who will soon be finishing his doctorate degree. He is currently a professor in a prestigious university here in the country and with the work he’s doing for school, being a professor and student, you’d think he will become grouchy due to exhaustion. But you know what? He’s remained positive, cheerful, and full of life! He now wears progressive lenses and is always burning the midnight oil.

I wish I had the same determination when I was younger. I wanted to become a lawyer but got sidetracked due to family obligations. I can probably still pursue my dreams but I feel I am too old to start now.

Oh, well. Such is life. You take whatever it gives you and accept that some things are not meant to be.

Extra energy needed.

Since I have been doing freelance work, I learned that whenever I lack sleep for days, I get weak and I get sick. In fact, December and January are months when I find myself down with the flu. A concerned friend of mine told me to check http://www.apricotpower.com/ and see if it will help me with the extra energy I need.

I need to work doubly hard not only for myself but also for my family. And I cannot be sick because if I get weak, even just that, work gets interrupted. I do hope this year will be a healthy one for me.

In between terms.

My cousin is in between terms right now. He is on a break so he’s making himself useful by tinkering around the house fixing things, repairing what needs to be repaired, and everything. Right this very moment, I am looking at him holding l clamps. He is attempting to fix a side table leg that is not as it used to.

I love it when cousins are in between terms. They normally stay at our house and help out or just hang out to catch up. I find that the house is merrier when there are cousins around.