Date Night in Brooklyn

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Longtime residents may not always agree, but New York can be an astonishingly romantic city. And while the bright lights of Manhattan have their charm, it’s not the only one of the five boroughs that is worth exploring with your significant other.

Brooklyn is possibly New York’s hippest and trendiest neighborhood, and it’s absolutely packed full of great restaurants and bars where you can spend a fun evening with someone special. But there’s more to this neighborhood than the bar scene.

Drop off your things at a Brooklyn luggage storage and head out for an unforgettable date night in New York. Feel free to steal ideas from this list anytime you need to impress.

Cobble Hill Cinema

Going to the movies is a date night classic, but trust Brooklyn to up the ante. The Cobble Hill Cinema is an independent movie theater specializing in foreign and art films. It’s the perfect place to catch an indie flick with your special someone.

This neighborhood theater is popular with local cinemaphiles, so don’t even think of taking your phone out during the movie. However, if you want to impress a date with your eclectic taste and movie smarts, this is the place to bring them. Not only will it show you’re a film buff, but it will also show you support independent local businesses over corporate mega-chains.


After the movie, walk your date over to Dumbo. This is one of Brooklyn’s most charming and romantic neighborhoods, with its cobblestone streets and breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline.

There are plenty of great restaurants in Dumbo, but if you want to really impress, take your date to Juliana’s Pizza. This pizzeria was opened by Patsy Grimaldi, who is responsible for making some of the best pizza in New York City. If that doesn’t earn you some points, we don’t know what will!

Brooklyn Bridge Park

End your perfect date night with a stroll through Brooklyn Bridge Park. This 85-acre park has something for everyone, including beautiful gardens, playgrounds, sports fields, and even an amphitheater.

But the best part of the park is undoubtedly the Brooklyn Promenade, which offers stunning views of both the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan. It’s the perfect place for a romantic sunset stroll or a passionate kiss under the stars.

Browse Brooklyn’s Bookstores

If your date is a book lover, you’re in luck. Brooklyn is home to some outstanding independent bookstores, and browsing the shelves lets you learn a little bit more about each other as you share favorites and give each other recommendations.

Don’t forget to check out any special events that may be happening, such as book signings or readings. If you’re trying to impress an intellectual type, there are few better ways to do it than this.

Sunset Park

End your day with a romantic sunset picnic in Sunset Park. This sprawling green space is one of Brooklyn’s best-kept secrets, and it offers stunning views of the Manhattan skyline.

Just remember to pack a blanket and some snacks, and you’ll be all set for a perfect date night under the stars. As the name implies, this park is at its best as the sun goes down, and the view of the city you’ll get is truly stunning. If that doesn’t get your date’s heart racing, you may need to check if they have a pulse.

Coney Island

Coney Island isn’t exactly a secret. In fact, Brooklynites have been having dates here for generations. But if it works, why change it?

This world-famous amusement park has something for everyone, whether you want to go on thrilling rides, play some carnival games, or just eat some cotton candy. And when the sun goes down, the park comes alive with colorful lights and a festive atmosphere. Nothing makes for a magical night like a little bit of adrenaline from the rides, and maybe you can impress your date by winning a big prize at one of the vintage carnival games.

House of Yes

Are you a good dancer? If so, you’ll want to show that off. And even if you’re not, you can still have fun moving to the music and getting closer to your date. Visit Brooklyn’s House of Yes to enjoy one of their legendary dance parties or workshops where you can brush up on your skills. Let the music flow through you, and you’ll soon find yourself wrapping your arms around your significant other and dancing the night away.

Bat Haus Drink N’ Draw

You don’t have to go to a bar to have fun. By day, the Bat Haus is a co-working space in trendy Williamsburg, but at night, it transforms into an intimate venue for fun events like this one.
Taking place on Wednesdays, this rowdy drawing class is a fun activity that welcomes everyone. Sketching a nude model may feel a little awkward at first, but the free-flowing drinks will soon lubricate the event, and you’ll find yourself having more fun with a pencil in your hand than you ever believed possible.

Brooklyn Cat Cafe

Show your date your softer side with a trip to the cat café. This café is home to several friendly felines that will be happy to snuggle up with you while you enjoy a drink or a light snack. If your date is an animal lover, this is a perfect place to take them. Even if they’re not, they’re sure to be won over by the cuteness of the cats. And who knows, maybe you’ll even find a new furry friend to take home with you.

Date Ideas in Brooklyn

There’s so much to do in Brooklyn that you could go on a different date every week for a year and still never run out of ideas. Hopefully, the ideas listed above have given you somewhere to start on your next romantic evening. Let yourself explore this fascinating neighborhood, and you’ll find that it constantly rewards those willing to be open to it

5 Most Common Animals in Dreams And Their Meanings

People have been reporting animal dreams for as long as recorded history. And it’s not just seeing a rabbit or dog in your dream that qualifies – any type of animal has a deeper meaning! From pandas to crocodiles, goats to geese, and everything in between, animals are some of the most common dream symbols.

That being said, what do the different animals mean when they appear in your dreams? When you dream about a dangerous animal, does it mean that you are in danger or that you should be careful? And what if you dream about an animal that you are afraid of in your real life?

These are the five most common animals in dreams and their meanings that may surprise you.


Cats are the most commonly reported animals in dreams and are often a positive sign. So if you see a cat in your dream, keep an eye out for good things to come. Cats often represent independence, creativity, and beauty. However, if the cat in your dream is black, you may feel some negativity in your life that could be holding you back. The good news is that this is something you can change or influence.

Cats can also be signs of comfort and peace, demonstrating that we are safe and protected. They are often used to show us more peaceful times in our lives. In dreams, cats represent an aspect of ourselves that we need to embrace or recognize or qualities we already have within us but that we need to nurture and develop.


Snakes are often associated with the concept of wisdom but can also symbolize toxicity in your life or a relationship. In a dream, if you are frightened of a snake, it could mean that you are in a toxic relationship, or it could be a sign that you need to cleanse yourself of something poisonous in your life.

In exceptional cases, the symbol of a snake in a dream can also indicate a specific person who behaves like a snake, that is, is chasing you or not dangerous for you.

If you dream about snakes everywhere, you may feel like you need to rid yourself of something toxic in your life.


Tiger is a powerful animal that has long been a symbol of strength and courage. In dreams, the tiger symbolizes these qualities, as well as power and nobility. If you dream of seeing a calm tiger, it may represent your own strength and power or someone with these qualities in your life. However, if a tiger is chasing or attacking you in a dream, this may symbolize that you are feeling harassed and need some time to relax and rest.

The tiger’s powerful presence in your dreams may also reflect your fears of not being good enough or fear of failure that is holding you back from chasing your dreams. In this case, the tiger can act as a guide to help you overcome these fears and move forward in life.


Spiders have long been a symbol of fear in many cultures and religions. In dreams, they can symbolize negative emotions like anxiety, guilt, or shame. It could also be a warning of deceitfulness or betrayal.

If you dream of seeing a spider crawling on you, it could be a warning of someone close to you who is being deceitful towards you.

Dreaming of killing a spider could mean that you have put an end to something deceitful. On the other hand, catching a spider in your dream could mean that you are trying to catch someone in a lie.


Birds are an interesting dream symbol, representing freedom, spiritual growth, and the ability to rise above all your worries or fears. They also have the ability to transcend time and space, making them a powerful symbol of transformation.

If you are flying with a flock of birds, it could mean that you have your freedom back in some situation in your life or you are about to.

If you see an injured bird in your dream, it could be a sign that you need to stop putting all of your energy into something and let others help you for a change.

If you dream of a dead bird, this could signify that you must stop feeling so possessive about something or someone in your life.

Dreams are the language of our subconscious

Dreams are a way for our souls to communicate with our conscious minds. They can reveal hidden emotions, desires, and goals that we may not be aware of. By understanding the meaning of our dreams and some of the most common animal symbols, we can begin to take steps toward understanding the essence of our lives or the people around us.

Creating fun memories.

white bounce house

Family is very important to my siblings and I. We always make sure that we get together on special occasions. You know how busy people can be that we often forget to allot time for family gatherings. We always think that we can skip this one anyway family is always there and we can go see them anytime we want to. But that’s where we always go wrong. Life is too short that when an opportunity presents itself, we should grab the chance to spend with our family, our love ones.

A cousin is getting married this month. He is asking us for suggestions on how to make the wedding more fun for the younger ones who will attend it. The little ones in the family and the teens are equally important in special occasions, too. That’s why we find ways to make every gathering a little extra special for them as much as possible. You know what I suggested? A white bounce house where kids can spend their energy having fun bouncing! I think we all have experiences with bored kids causing chaos in parties. We don’t want that, of course. We also don’t want to exclude the kids so we think of ways to entertain them. The white bounce house for wedding is the answer, I told my cousin. I guess even the teens can use it. Huge and bouncy and just there in a corner, ready to entertain the younger ones.

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As one of the eldest in the clan, I think of ways to create fun memories for all of us. We can go out-of-town and spend it in a cold province near the mountains. We can do barbecues, hikes, early morning walks with mugs of hot coffee and choco. We can also go swimming in a beach almost to ourselves. And for this wedding, I will be the one in charge of securing the white bounce house sale just so there is something new and fun not just for the younger ones but also for the adults who will surely enjoy the wedding and reception party with minimal interruptions from the young ones.

It is always spending time with the family and love ones as much as possible and creating new fun memories for all.