Global Developmental Delay

Global Developmental Delay is a condition wherein the child has some problems when it comes to building their developmental skills. For example by the age of 8 months, normally the child can sit on the floor without any support; but for some reason a child with a global developmental delay condition seems to have some difficulties developing this skill.

Through special education, a child with a global delay disorder can be given treatment by focusing and rendering interventions that would help address their needs. This special curriculum is based on treating the child’s deficit.

Developmental skills are based on 5 categories which includes gross and fine motor skills, cognitive skills, language, vision and social skills. In order to help improve the child’s condition it should be first assessed as to where he or she has some delays and focused on it. If the child has some difficulties when it comes to his or her motor skills, he or she is advised to see a physical therapist. If he or she is suffering from language deficit, parents are advised to have constant communication with the child. Always read books to them. For some, if the problem is his or her sense of hearing, hearing aid is very helpful in this case. Also if there are circumstances wherein the child’s condition cannot be improved, they are taught to just focus on developing their strengths so as to compensate their weaknesses in one developmental area.

Acceptance and utmost support from family determines the effectiveness of the child’s treatment and positive progress.

Shootings in Schools in the US

I am suddenly reminded of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. With the issue of security in schools, it is a must to look back and see where some people fail in securing the safety of the students. And then we take those learnings and make sure we apply it, strengthen it, and use it not only for the students’ safety but also of those people working in schools (teachers, et. al.).

Let us always be vigilant when it comes to the security of our students. We never know when something bad will strike.