A workout for the mind.

I think all of us don’t want to find our minds idle. You know what they say, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. And I think this period in our lives is the worse time for our minds to be idle and stagnant. What can we do to stop this from happening? Let’s work out our minds! And you know what’s a great tool we can use? A gan rubik’s cube solver!

I remember seeing an Instagram post of a cousin who got himself a Rubik’s cube. He told me that he just wants to be able to work out his mind the way he works out his body in the gym. I got curious so I checked online and came across gan cube. I checked and I learned that it is an emerging enterprise founded by Gan-Yuan Jiang who is the speedcubing pioneer in China. The goal of the company is to provide better services to cubers all over the world. What better way to learn how to beat your own record than from a pioneer in speed cubing. Right?

I admit that I am a newbie when it comes to Rubik’s cube. I am more of a reader, as a matter of fact. But I want to be able to learn and, believe me, when I focus on something, I learn faster than the average person! I love the idea of competing against my nephew who is such a pro in all sorts of mind games. He is already good in Rubik’s cube. I would love to see him speed cubing. Maybe a GAN11M Air for him and myself?

Hey, if you are interested in working out your mind as well, all you need can be found in Gancube.com! You can find all sorts of cubes there depending on your need and level of expertise.

Don’t let your mind become idle. Work it out with a Gancube solver now!