Heartwarming Deeds of Lottery Winners – You Will be Touched by These Stories

To be honest, all want to win the lottery that would drastically change their lives. Suddenly all expensive things will be affordable to you. But winning the lottery is not all about to spend a luxurious lifestyle. There are also kind-hearted peoples who extend their helping hands for creating a better world after winning the lottery. Below are some incredible stories of such lottery winners.


Tom Crist

While spending a vacation in California, he was informed that he won a lottery worth $40 million. But after getting the news, Crist didn’t plan a worldwide tour or anything other. He didn’t even share the news with anyone. He donated a majority section of the amount to the charity in honor of his late wife, Jan. His family fully supported him in his decision of giving the sum to charities and cancer research facilities.

Margaret Loughery

Margaret Loughery, a simple woman from Northern Ireland, spent a mere life until she won the Euro Millions Jackpot. The second she heard the news of her winning she decided to give the half of the sum to the needy people. Margaret had to do a lot of struggle in her life so she could felt and came ahead to help those in the same position. She said in an interview, “People just need to be given opportunities.” She not only helped the unemployed but also made Hersman’s Hill, a tourist spot. She hoped that it would attract people and create more jobs opportunity.

The story of Michigan teen

The 19 years old boy from Michigan set a unique example when he gave most of his winning money of the lottery to his parents. The Michigan teen won $500,000 prize on the Michigan Lottery’s Golden Wild Time scratch-off game. The teen kept only $5,000 for him and gave the rest to his parents. He said he wants to take off a significant weight off his parent’s shoulder.

Sheelah Ryan

Sheelah Ryan won $55.2 million in Florida Lottery in September 1988 but that not make her famous. She became famous when she spent the money for the next six years until her death in 1994. She founded a charitable group called Ryan Foundation that supported low-cost housing projects, assisted single mothers and poor children and even helped stray cats. She is no more, but her charitable foundation is carrying her thought that God gave her the money for a reason so that she could help the poor and homeless.

Shaw McBride

Shaw McBride, won $159 million in a lottery, was determined to donate the entire sum to the people who need them more than he did. Within a few months, he spread the amount to lots of charities and organizations. McBride said that he felt like God guided him in his religious path and it was amazing to find selflessness within him to donate such huge sum.


Dennis Mahurin

Dennis Mahurin lived in a Bloomington, Illinois homeless community since 1978. In the month of April, he won $50,000 on a scratch-off ticket. He built his own tent, visited his son, saved a little amount to donate $100 to every homeless person.

Allen & Violet Large

It was unexpected to Allen & Violet Large, aged 75 and 78 respectively to win $11.2 million in a lottery. The story was very interesting. While cleaning the house, Violet suddenly thought to call lottery hotline to double check the status of her winning and came to know she was the winner of the jackpot ticket. From the very beginning of purchasing the ticket, they were determined to donate the money if they were the lucky winner. As per the thought, they donate the sum to 60 public organizations like a hospital, fire stations, etc.

John Kutey

John Kutey, one of the seven IT specialists, is an inspiration to all the people. In 2011, he won $319 million in a lottery and built a water park worth $250,000. The park was opened in Green Island, New York replacing an outdated park. Kutey and his wife dedicated that to their parents.

Money can buy happiness, but it is not only limited to you. Above examples are of those people who found happiness in giving it all away. Unlike what others think, winning powerball numbers is not all about luxury houses and cars. Many choose to do good deeds and help out those who need it the most. Many opt to help their parents or their partners in making their life much easier. You might come across many such stories that will make you believe in humanity again. If you have just won the lottery or have a feeling that you might, you should do what you think is best for you. Avoid getting the hype to you and do what you feel that you should be doing.