A hodgepodge of everything.

I have decided to change this blog’s theme from purely educational stuff to a hodgepodge of everything under the sun. I would like to focus more on inspirational and motivational because I must admit that it’s something that I need at the moment. Things have been rough for the past couple of months now. I need something that will inspire me, motivate me, to go on and not give up.


So, you will see a daily inspirational and motivational entry in this blog. You will also see some posts about movies, television series, celebrity news, songs, books, authors and so much more. Some architectural stuff will also appear here from time to time.

To end, I would like to tell everyone that this blog will now become a lifestyle blog. There won’t be any changes on the title but the tagline will now become “A Hodgepodge of Anything and Everything Under the Sun“.

Welcome to the new A Future to Believe In!

NOTE: The theme of this blog will also change. Please bear with me as I go about tinkering here and there to make this blog bigger and better.

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