4 Ways Succeed as an Owner Operator

While it’s true that your rapport with your carrier is important in determining the level of success you can achieve as an owner operator, it’s crucial to never underestimate the role you play in your ultimate success.
Here are things you need to do to make sure you are a success in your field of expertise.

1. Accept That People Will Only Pay You for the Work You Do
You’ll earn more money by taking on more work and responsibility. If you’re willing to work hard and smart, you can be highly profitable.

2. Build Long-Term Relationships
Moving from one carrier to the next will do nothing but cost you money. Instead, find the right one to work with and establish a long-term relationship with them. Make sure you know what you’re getting into and who you’re working with before you sign on — that way you won’t have to worry about quitting and starting all over again.

3. Understand the Sector of the Business You’re Getting Into
Don’t get yourself into an area that’s in a downturn. Look for carriers that are involved in growth industries and have established loyal relationships with solid customers and their drivers. You don’t want to deal with carriers that have a high turnover rate.

4. Understand That Trucking Is Just a Business
Your truck is only a tool for your business. It might be easy to fall in love with a nice looking truck, but above that it takes a lot of hard work over a long time to achieve great success.

Your road to success as an owner operator starts with choosing the right carrier. At Landstar, we are 100 percent committed to helping all of our owner operators become hugely successful in their business. If you’re looking for trucking companies hiring, visit us online to learn more.

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