Take A Walk on the Wild Side – Decorate Your Home with A Zebra Print Cowhide

Cowhide rugs, a former Western staple, are making a strong comeback as style-forward decorators look for new ways to make their homes stand out from the crowd
. They are the perfect accent for a living room or a child’s bedroom and extremely durable. Many people also use light-weight cowhide rugs as a wall tapestry or a couch throw. With proper care, a high-quality cowhide rug is easy to maintain and can last a lifetime.

Cowhide rugs have a soft feel from their short finished hairs to their soft suede backsides. Zebra cowhide rugs allow people to enjoy the soft texture of animal hide in an exotic design. Craftsmen stencil the zebra patterns in after they treat them. The asymmetrical shape of the rug, combined with the zebra pattern, creates a bold and stylish effect as well as an inviting space. Decorators can use them to complement any decor from chic to rustic.

As a home accent, cowhide rugs have favorable qualities. The tanning process closes the hide’s pores making it harder for dust and mites to embed in the material. Treated cowhide rugs resist mold and mildew naturally. Regular cleaning is a matter of giving the covering a good shaking out. Decorators can remove tougher stains easily with mild soap and cold water. For difficult stains, the rugs are machine washable. The material is hypoallergenic and repels more dust and debris than regular carpet covering. Because of this, the hides are great for children’s rooms and in the homes of people with allergies. Overall, cowhide is extremely durable.

Zebra print cowhide rugs add a touch of contemporary glamour to any setting
. No two cowhides are alike, so people who buy them will definitely receive a unique cut and pattern. These handsome covering’s uninhibited patterns can make decorators feel like they are on a wild safari. Those who really want to give their space an exotic theme can add other zebra print accents such as pillows and lampshades.

For people who are looking for something new to spice up their abode, zebra cowhide rugs are the perfect solution. The zebra pattern is a classic look, and is available in thousands of colors and styles. Many of the colors are a product of the hide’s natural tones or are slightly modified with pet safe color agents. They make a great alternative to traditional floor coverings. The rug’s light-weight versatility and ease of maintenance makes this home decor addition a winner for anyone.

A well-crafted cowhide rug will never crack or shred. Those who invest in one make out better paying a premium price for the best quality. Zebra print works well an urban or rural setting. The design is the most popular style among the rapidly trending patterns of animal prints. With a zebra print cowhide rug, decorators can add a touch of excitement and style.

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