Solar Panels Can Help You Survive in an Apocalyptic World

Apocalyptic movies and books are currently among the best selling genres. It’s not surprising, because they encompass and cross over with action and adventure, thriller and horror, drama and sci-fi. You probably like to follow your favorite characters from The Walking Dead as well, but could you survive in an apocalyptic world?

First thing you need to know is to stay away from big cities and crowded places, and instead look for the most remote place you can think of to settle. Let’s assume you found a good group of people and some of them can hunt, you have already acquired basic first aid and shooting skills by now, and you’re trying to settle down in your own camp. To be able to sustain a decent life at the camp, your survival skills will not be enough.

In order to make safe living arrangements you will have to have power. The US power grid is fragile, and most likely by now, there’s no electricity anywhere around you. However, don’t give up! What you will probably need is solar panels.

Best places to look will be along highways or parking structures, dangerous, yes, but quite worth the risk. Abandoned office or factory buildings might also be a good source, since more and more companies are installing solar panels these days. It’s important to get as many solar panels as possible, and transport them in the safest way possible, since without the advanced tools for thin-film measurement, you will not be able to make your own solar cells, and without solar cells there’re no solar panels. Now that you have power, you can survive cold winters, power some utilities and freeze your prey, pump your water, and grow your own food, in short, you may be able to survive the end of the world.

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