What I Wanted to Be


When I was still in school, especially before college, I always wanted to be what my Mom wanted me to be. She wanted a doctor for a daughter, I also wanted that. She wanted me to become an accountant, I planted it in my mind that I also wanted to be one. It was for my Mom that I took up the course I chose in college: Accountancy.

I actually wanted to become a journalist. I loved writing, even up to now. But back in school, I loved news writing more than fiction. I really wanted to do news reporting but since my Mom didn’t want me to become one, I erased it from my mind. I loved my Mom so much I would do anything to make her happy!

Now that my Mom was gone, looking back, I realized that I actually wanted a very simple life. I love reading and being surrounded by books. I think I would have been a great librarian! Or a book shop attendant! I didn’t want the trappings that come with being an accountant. The responsibilities, the endless reports, the over time at work and even at home… Truth is that I didn’t even aspire to become an executive in a company! All I really wanted to do was to read, write, and live a simple life.

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