Landlords and Tenants: Verification Process Completed

When looking for a tenant, the first thing that a landlord does is make a list of requirements that a tenant must meet. It depends on each landlord but one thing that I am sure of will be part of that list: a tenant’s verified source of income.

But who will conduct the verification? A tenant can easily say that his documents are authentic and the information contained therein are 100% true. How can a landlord be sure of it? Well, he can do the verification himself but with limited resources to do so, I believe that letting an expert do it will be so much better. Let Tenantify do the screening of tenants via employment and income verification on behalf of the landlord.

Landlords, these are the things you have to do:

  • Sign up to and immediately request information from tenant, either information on employment or income, or both.
  • Let Tenantify do the verification through secure means.
  • Wait for the detailed results with add-on analysis from Tenantify after just one business day.
  • Decide whether you really want the tenant and commit with a contract with the latter.

Tenants, here are the expectations on you:

  • Supply accurate information as fast as you can to landlord via Tenantify.
  • Let Tenantify do the verification through secure means.
  • Once verification is completed by Tenantify, pay the small fee – $10 for either employment or income verification, $15 for both.
  • Wait for landlord’s decision whether to approve your application for tenancy.
  • Commit to the tenancy and make sure future rental payments are made.

Pretty easy. Don’t you think?

So, landlords, will you stress yourself out with the verification process? Don’t! Let Tenantify help you out.

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