Internet, Now a Necessity for Students?

When I was still in school (I graduated in college in 1999), we went to the library to research. These days, kids don’t have to go to the library, carry very heavy tomes, just to research. All they have to do is turn on their computer and surf the internet. Almost everything can be found on the net!

It seems to me that the internet is now a necessity for students. Do you agree? I have a kid at home who doesn’t need the internet as much yet. But there were assignments in the past which required us to research on the net. I have younger cousins, though, who use the internet daily for their assignments and projects in school. Their school doesn’t have a decent library to speak of so they use the internet, and also because it’s more convenient.

Do you think students can go through their year in school without using the internet? Or do you think that the internet is now a necessity?

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