Learn, Become an Asset — The Benefits of Education in Business.

Attaining a college education or a series of professional training qualifications can benefit your career no end. You’re sure to reap the rewards of a solid education, whether this is from an electrical engineering degree course or a tax diploma.


When it comes to expanding your skill set through learning, there’s really nothing standing in your way. Your age and background should have no bearing on your desire to improve your résumé, and there are a plenty of paths to choose from — it’s all about finding the right one for you.

It’s no myth that graduates generally enjoy a higher salary throughout their careers with figures suggesting a pull of 65% more than those without a college education. Similarly many businesses offer in-house training schemes with wage incentives for those who choose to expand their professional accomplishments.

Higher wages generally mean higher taxes, which in turn benefits the economy on a greater scale. If you’re earning more, it’s likely that you’re paying higher health insurance premiums and making larger contributions to a pension fund. Without well-educated, high earners, the country’s economy would struggle to stay on an even keel.

Currently in business there’s a common trend towards hiring candidates with professional training and relevant education. If you want to get ahead in your chosen field, you should certainly look into a course of study to give your skill set a big boost. And it’s not just your CV that could benefit from an educational program.

Recent studies suggest that people with a college education live healthier lifestyles in general, with fewer incidences of smoking and obesity. Additionally, it has been suggested that mothers with higher levels of education spend more time with their children, regardless of their employment status. There’s an increased interest and involvement in voluntary and political issues amongst those with a wider range of educational attributes and overall a higher level of job satisfaction.

Professional training courses and college education program can also be a great way to meet new people and find out more about yourself along the way. Getting to know a bunch of different people from diverse backgrounds can really invigorate your outlook and encourage positive change in the world.

College and training courses can also provide opportunities to travel. On-location training is a popular way to teach students about the industry they’re entering and can further serve to diversify your knowledge and outlook on life.

Similarly, getting to know your teachers and course leaders will help you to broaden your intellectual horizons and encourage you to ask new, potentially innovative questions about your line of work. With a strong educational base, you could charter completely new territory in your field, leaving behind a legacy for others to aspire towards.

Whether you’re on the verge of finishing high school or you’ve already been working for 20 years, it’s never too late to consider your education. Training courses and college degrees give you the tools you need to hit to ground running and maintain a great speed throughout your career.

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Geraldine Murphy is a lecturer in business and economics. As well as keeping up with developments in the business world, she enjoys world cinema and reading about art history.

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