5 Tips for Finding a Job After College

Don’t wait until your final year to start compiling your resume. From the moment you start your freshman year, you should focus not only classes and socializing but also on your career interests. Preparation is key to landing your dream job.

Work on Your Skills

Many new employers are more interested in your actual skills than in your college-gained qualifications. Your college years are a great time to develop skills and experience. Take advantage of internships in your chosen field. This will give you an idea what to expect in your future career as well as some much-needed experience. Try to go on as many internships as possible and focus on well-known names in the industry.

Build Your Brand

You really need to sell yourself to your prospective boss, which is why it is so important to get your resume in tiptop shape. Networking is equally important, as knowing the right people will get you a long way. Create a LinkedIn profile that serves as an overview on your qualifications, skills and experience. Join a professional occupation organization and get to know some key players. These organizations also provide invaluable educational tools through materials and seminars and often offer student discounts.

Use College Resources

Only about 29 percent of all college students actually make use of the free resources offered at their college. The career-services office will even provide you with guidance in writing and reviewing your cover letter and resume. They may even connect you with an alum who works in your chosen career field.

Apply With Confidence

A good resume is key to landing a decent job, but don’t neglect the cover letter. A strong cover letter is a chance to create a good first impression. Also, don’t shy away from applying for jobs where you only meet some of the requirements. You may have some vital skills other candidates don’t possess. Besides regular job boards, also keep an eye on new startups, as these companies often seek students with a new, fresh outlook and modern skills.

Prepare for the Interview

We all know the basics of preparing for an interview: you need to show up dressed appropriately and on time. But, of course, there’s more to it than that. You also need to do some research on the type of questions you’re likely to get and prepare to answer them with confidence.

Just before you get to the interview, strike a confident pose to get your body in line with the type of body language you want to convey. Keep in mind that you may be recorded via security cameras even before walking into building, so don’t check your phone. Be positive and confident throughout the interview. Don’t go into overly lengthy explanations or make unnecessary excuses. Keep in mind that the “perfect” candidate does not exist, so be yourself.

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