Some people are ignorant of the word “respect”. We all have our own opinions, choices, decisions. To make the world a better place, we need to know how to respect other people’s opinions, choices, decisions, and just let them live their own lives. Live and let live. If you don’t like a person’s decision, learn to respect and move on. RESPECT. Don’t resort to insulting the person just because she didn’t agree to your suggestion. RESPECT. LET GO. MOVE ON. And DON’T INSULT! Because if you turn to insulting a person, expect the person to lash back. Not everyone will take kindly to being talked down to. Remember that!

On the other hand, I would like to take this opportunity to clear the air. I am basically a kind person. And you know that! Even though someone is being rude to me already, I try my best to still be kind and answer as politely as I can. But I am only a human being who has a limit to her control and patience. I can’t be polite and kind all the time especially when being talked down to and downright insulted. I am human and I also lash out!

RESPECT. It’s a big word and I know it is difficult to do but if you practice it every single minute of the day when dealing with others, you will find that it will come easily to you.

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