Other than academics.

I always tell the young cousins and relatives to make sure that they have something else to do aside from academics. It will help develop their over-all personality. It will make them a well-rounded person, in my opinion. So, when one younger cousin asked me if it’s okay for him to try the cajon box drum, I immediately told him to go ahead and try it. He is a dean’s lister so I thought music will be a great diversion to his studies.

Academics is not everything. There should be other avenues where a person can learn from. I’d like to think that there is so much more to life than what is being spoon-fed to us in schools. All we have to do is go out of our comfort zones so we can learn from life itself.


Small moments.


I paused just a couple of hours ago and, you know what? It did my heart good. My soul felt refreshed for some reason. I just paused, did nothing but listen to one upbeat song after another.

I almost wished I have my guitar cen with me so I could have rocked to the songs I listened to.

Try it! You will find that pausing once in a while and just letting your soul breathe is a good thing.

Some days…

There are days when I would lament about the fact that I got sucked into this profession where there’s close to only a few weeks of down time. Every day is a busy day. Almost every transaction in a company goes through you and it’s like you are occupying the top post but the reality is not.

I might have been better off with theremini, I might have been happier. But who knows, right?

I am grateful for everything, of course. A good salary, a better chair than others in the office, and a first-hand information on the true goings-on in the company.

There are just days when I feel like it’s too much…

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