Parents and Students

Weekends are for R&R.

I have a question for parents out there: what does your kids do on weekends? Do you agree that weekends should be for rest and relaxation only?

I heard that the Department of Education (DepEd) is asking schools to implement a “no homework on weekends” policy. That way, students can enjoy their weekends with their love ones. It is also a way for students to recharge for another round of school work.

Personally, I agree with the DepEd on this policy. I like it! Students should be able to sleep a little bit longer on weekends. They should be able to play and bond with their love ones. They should be able to think of other things than just their school work.

What do you think?

The Student's Environment

Guidance Counseling

In this modern world, the constant influx of changes, transformations and instabilities have continued to haunt most of the people especially the young ones. Many of us are experiencing difficulties and troubles in adjusting to these changes, thus making us more complacent and reluctant to these deviations. But as they say, changes are permanent. We have to live according to these things in order for us to survive.

If you are going through a lot of crises and problems especially in coping with the world around you, you can go through a systematic guidance counseling to ease these burdens. This is an activity for people to let them voice out their hurts or their negative thoughts and make it into a more positive and useful one. In this kind of program, you will be given advices, tips and methods on how to successfully handle the obstacles and insecurities you are dealing with. They will provide you with the many helpful techniques on how to overcome the changes and modifications that may happen as you continue to live.

The people who do guidance counseling are referred to as Guidance Counselors. They are the ones responsible in counseling and advising the individual with the right and correct ways in resolving various predicaments. They are known to be advocates for social and emotional assistance. They promote the welfare and well being of most of the people in order for them to be emotionally and socially stable.

In most schools, counselors have long been employed to give guidance and emotional support to the students. Most of the elementary and high school kids are continuously faced with different aspects of crises due to many etiologic factors like peer pressure, abnormal family dynamics or obscurity in meeting the standards and norms of the society. And so, the counselor’s job is to direct and supervise these young individuals to express their concerns and to resolve these issues utilizing a productive and non-authoritarian approach. Not only that, counseling can also be done for students to have a clearer view regarding the social and academic domains of their lives. Counselors can grant suggestions and recommendations on what course to take in college or on how to make good and excellent grades.

Blog 101

A Future to Believe In

I am going to call this blogA Future to Believe In“. You know why? The main reason is that I will be writing more on what I believe every person needs for a bright future that he or she can truly believe in and rely on… education.

I believe that an educated person can go places. It doesn’t necessarily mean that education can make you rich. It’s still up to you how you will use it to your advantage. What I do know is that once you have the proper education, there is always hope for you in the future. There is always a big possibility of a better life if you couple your education with the right attitude, hard work, and lots of faith!

This blog will try to tackle topics that are also related to education like campus life, tools to use in and out of school, and so much more.

Now that we are clear as to why I named this blog “A Future to Believe In”, let me greet you properly to this blog…


I do hope you will stay a while, browse around, and leave a comment on what you think of this site I created.

Thank you and I hope you come back for more!