What Affects Young Students

Normal Separation Anxiety: Steps to Make it Easier.

The normal symptoms of kids suffering from Separation Anxiety are crying, throwing tantrums, and clinging. The natural course of action to be taken by parents is to ease the child’s worry, be patient, set limits gently but firmly. In time, the child’s anxiety will naturally fade. The worries and the accompanying bouts of crying will be gone. However, if no matter how patient a parent is the child still experiences separation anxiety, it may be a cause for worry already as it may now be a bigger problem: Separation Anxiety Disorder.

For a normal separation anxiety in kids, these steps will help ease a child’s mind:

Practice separation. You can leave your child with an adult you can trust for brief periods and short distances at first.

Develop a “goodbye” ritual. It can be as simple as a wave of your hand or a goodbye kiss.

Keep familiar surroundings when possible and make new surroundings familiar.

Leave without fanfare. I read somewhere about this from a single parent. She wouldn’t let her kids throw tantrums or cry when she’s leaving the house. She will firmly tell them that she will be back soon and that they should behave and respect their nanny. She will then go out of the house and leave just like that. She wouldn’t let any of her kids stall her unless it is very important. I think that’s what this step is all about.

Minimize scary television. I remember hating those scary threats of some of my elders when I was a kid. Like a ghost will take me if I misbehave or that a bad man will come get me if I don’t follow orders, something like that. It doesn’t help to scare a kid! Keep that in mind.

Try not to give in. It’s so easy to feel pity for your child, and just give in to what he/she wants. But you know what? It can cause more harm than good. It will not break the cycle of separation anxiety. It can actually make it more of a problem because the child slowly learns how to use emotional blackmail to his/her advantage.

What Affects Young Students

Separation Anxiety Disorder

separation anxietyWhat is Separation Anxiety Disorder? In simple terms, it is the feeling of anxiety felt by a young child when a parent (or both) says goodbye. The child will naturally assume she will be left behind and she doesn’t know if her parent(s) will come back for her. It is natural for a young child to feel this way. It can easily be solved by making her understand that you are coming back and that goodbye is only temporary. As the child grows older, the anxiety will naturally go away.

But when it does intensify, it becomes a disorder that needs to be addressed by a professional. Treatment is necessary so that the anxiety, the fear, felt by the child will be eased.

I am reminded of my younger sisters who underwent separation anxiety when they were new in school. I had to take care of them so that they wouldn’t feel like they were abandoned. I remember them crying so much I couldn’t leave them even when the school bell already rang. I had to take them with me to my classroom at times just to make them stop crying.

I didn’t know it was separation anxiety back then. It was only now that I am tackling these topics related to schooling that I am enlightened as to what my siblings and I underwent in school.

What Affects Young Students

Home Schooling

Every parent has great expectations from their children. This is a known fact, and lots of parents appeal at home schooling trying to give a better education to their children. But, this is indeed a good thing? Well, it is a good thing and not. There are no rates that can prove that this type of teaching is extremely efficient. Parents who choose this teaching method should take in consideration and other critical factors that can shape a kid. For children, it is important to make friends, to socialize and to try to figure it out by their self about how things work in this world.

Making lots of friends, socializing, and other crucial things can be done only with traditional schooling. Each method of teaching has its own benefits, however, it has, and some disadvantages. When you as a parent, choose to offer your kid a tutor that will teach him everything he needs to know at home, think about what the kid will miss. A person can find how valuable he is when he must confront with difficult situations. Being home all the time will not be of a great help. Well, even so, you cannot throw the kid right in the wolf’s mouth.

The most important thing for any person from this world is the freedom. This will be the thing that your kid will lack most. Academic grades are not exactly the most crucial things from this world. When a parent is not sure about the method that he wants to use, the best thing he should do is to discus about it with his child. This way, they will come to a decision, and they will avoid the eventual conflicts that may occur. When it comes to choose, between home schooling and traditional schooling can be difficult. Either of them has benefits that can form a kid making him an awesome adult.

What Affects Young Students

Be Aware of the Separation Anxiety Disorder

Separation anxiety can be easily classified as an important disorder. Either we are talking about adults or children this disease must be taken in consideration as a very bad one. However, the most affected ones are the children. As an example, when school time comes for the young children it can be extremely hard for them to leave the house where they live with their parents. They will be separated more time from their parents than usual which will lead to the worsening of their health.

This disorder is as an interior suffering. It can be hard to be noticed, and there are lots of kids that are trying to hide it from their parents, or friends. This is a psychological disease which can have bad effects. A first time scholar is extremely attached by his parents, especially by his mother. When the time comes to go at school, where he must confront with a new “world”, it can be difficult for a kid. Children are easily influenced by the environment. Even so, when they have to confront with new people it can be hard for them to adapt so easily. They miss their parents, and this leads to negative effects.

The best thing that a parent must do for avoiding separation anxiety disorder is to prepare their children for the time when they will be separated. A parent can notice the fact that his child suffers from this disease. Usually, the kids that have this illness are much difficult to deal with. They will cry much often, they will throw things, will yell and do other several things. As a parent, when you notice these symptoms the first thing you should do is to receive counseling from a specialized doctor. He will help you, and your child, to cross over these bad things much easily.