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Bullying in Schools: It Happens!




However we try to deny it, Bullying happens in schools everywhere in the world! Be it in public or private schools, bullying is rampant and can’t be stopped. Steps are taken to ensure that kids are protected from bullies, but, believe it or not, even authorities in school who should be the first ones to protect the students can be bullies, too!

Do you know the very thing that we can do to stop bullying, once and for all? Make sure your child knows how to protect himself/herself! Tell your child also to not be afraid to tell you what’s happening to him or her in school. Be more active in your child’s school life. Get to know her friends and classmates! Know her school teachers. Make sure you are always there when your child needs you.

Internet, Now a Necessity for Students?

When I was still in school (I graduated in college in 1999), we went to the library to research. These days, kids don’t have to go to the library, carry very heavy tomes, just to research. All they have to do is turn on their computer and surf the internet. Almost everything can be found on the net!

It seems to me that the internet is now a necessity for students. Do you agree? I have a kid at home who doesn’t need the internet as much yet. But there were assignments in the past which required us to research on the net. I have younger cousins, though, who use the internet daily for their assignments and projects in school. Their school doesn’t have a decent library to speak of so they use the internet, and also because it’s more convenient.

Do you think students can go through their year in school without using the internet? Or do you think that the internet is now a necessity?

Bullying Is the Worst Thing That Can Happen To Children.

bullyingThere are lots of terrified kids that refuse to go to school. The reason is the bullying treatment that they must endure. Unfortunately, there are lots of cases, and some of them are unstoppable. Because of lack of education or bad education, there are many young people that appeal at this method to intimidate other kids. These kids must endure all kinds of treatments, no matter of their social status or their physical condition. Adults must confront with these difficult situations, and they are always put in bad positions because they cannot find a way to stop these things.

The kids that must deal with these treatments have part of only the worst effects. Many of them fear to go to school, and even to get out from the house. Loneliness, anxiety, depression are just some of the many negative effects that can occur to a bullied child. Unfortunately, many of these effects can lead to suicide. The kids that are bullied suffer a lot, and many of them do not have the courage to tell their parents about these things. Each day, cases like these happen. The worst thing for these kids is people indifference.

Not just people indifference gives to violent people confidence, but the lack of courage as well. Many people don’t have the courage to interfere when they see how someone is bullied. Bullying can be defined by aggressive people as a form of power. They usually pick up of weaker persons, because when they were little they received the same treatment. It is difficult for society, to fight with these delinquents because, in most of the cases they are minors. They received a bad education at home, and actually, now they are struggling to survive in their own way. Unfortunately, because of this, there are lots of other kids that must endure the consequences.

Shootings in Schools in the US

I am suddenly reminded of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. With the issue of security in schools, it is a must to look back and see where some people fail in securing the safety of the students. And then we take those learnings and make sure we apply it, strengthen it, and use it not only for the students’ safety but also of those people working in schools (teachers, et. al.).

Let us always be vigilant when it comes to the security of our students. We never know when something bad will strike.

No Homeworks on Weekends

homeworkHomeworks or school assignments are set of tasks given to students in order for the learning process to continue in their own homes and houses. These are types of assignments that must be completed outside the comforts of their classrooms. It may be in a form of reading a certain chapter of the book, making essays or write-ups or just simply answering the questions being provided by the class instructors. It elevates the level of knowledge and strengthens the lessons that have been gained from school. This can also be a way to prepare the learners for an upcoming lesson so that they can cooperate and participate well in the class.

The main goal of sending homeworks is to enhance and support the knowledge and understanding of students in a specific subject matter. This can boost their familiarity regarding a certain lesson so that they would be acquainted enough with their discussions. Not only it will help them gain more information but it can also be a way for them to have a proper and systematic habit of studying.

homeworkIn most schools, assignments are given during school days. However, other institutions also provide homeworks during weekends. Because of this, pupils can no longer rest and relax on these specific days. They would not be able to participate on various leisure activities like playing with other kids, swimming, biking or going to malls and shopping centers. If the assignment is too long and difficult, they would no longer have the chance to spend their weekends sleeping or just doing nothing.

We all know that going to school can be a very stressful task. That is why students must have a break from all of their school works and projects in order to rest. More importantly, having extensive and lengthy school assignments can lead to inadequate time for family bonding. Thus, there is a need to accomplish these assignments as early as possible.